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Tips and Tricks


  1. 2 minutes on a video call can save many more minutes and significantly more brain space than a long back-and-forth on Slack taking place in the background (phone calls are not as good as video, but they ARE better than endless Slack / WhatsApp or email!)
  2. Use your webcam on calls as much as possible – helps you know when people have finished speaking/want to speak
  3. Use Trello / Jira / Teams Planner to guide stand-ups and check-ins. Centring the updates around the cards keeps it really focussed but also means the detail is there for later when you can’t just check something with somebody in 3 seconds
  4. Have a shared document (Google / Word / Dropbox Paper) for meetings so people can follow along with the conversation and keep track of what’s been agreed/asked – don’t assume that somebody else is writing in their pad / on post-its if you can’t see them doing it
  5. It’s really hard to judge what the general mood in the camp is, so introduce a low-key way of sharing general feelings – e.g. if people are happy to, share a number out of 10 for your general vibe in your stand-ups so people know who to give support to and who to go to for a bit of a pick-me-up
  6. Make a bit of time for inconsequential, non-work chat – you are not machines, nobody wants you on back-to-back calls
  7. You’re allowed to make tea/coffee/stretch your legs
  8. Don’t pretend you can do life admin throughout your working day – it disrupts concentration and just makes for a weird vibe when you jump from putting a wash on to talking to somebody about something super serious. Plan your admin time
  9. You’re allowed to close Slack for a bit if you need a bit of focus time – just give people a heads up, but nobody will assume you’re skiving off
  10. If you feel a bit lonely, a bit confused by some work, or feel like you’re making no headway – ping somebody to share a feeling or frustration. When nobody can pick up on your furrowed brow or sighs of annoyance, it can feel like you have to fix it all yourself, but we work in teams for a reason
  11. Slack/email isn’t the best medium for sharing a difficult message – use the phone or video chat for anything which is complex or contentious
  12. Remember people are not all set up with home offices – people will be working with kids, dogs, cats and partners in the background and not everyone has an office to go to. Be understanding and respectful of this situation. If using Video / Voice calls we should expect delays around mute / unmute and a loss of concentration.  We recommend using messaging to write questions / ask specific people for answers and responses as well as your voice

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