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It might be the last thing on your mind immediately, but our duty to protect our business and customers hasn’t gone away!

  • Unless you have your own secure office space – be mindful of who you are sharing your living space with. People’s personal information must still be protected even when working remotely.
  • Privacy – are your remote calls recorded and are the people you are talking to aware of that?
  • Are your IT policies up to date to include business rules and expectations around handling of data, handling login credentials, customer data etc.
  • Run a security audit to ensure the credentials to be used by your external users are strong – ideally enforce 2FA (two factor authentication) by utilising 2FA mobile applications or dongles.
  • Ensure the mobile or remote access device has all security patches applied and up to date OS updates. (These may not work if your update servers are only configured to work whilst in the office).
  • Consider enabling file encryption on new devices or rolling it out soon – this will ensure your data is safe in the event of a lost device as the drive cannot be read if removed from the machine.


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