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Adoption of Agile and Scrum techniques even on a small scale will help with communication, accountability, task management and focus. You don’t need to go full blown agile to achieve results.

For example, a daily stand up call with a team helps focus efforts, each person speaks in turn answering these three questions:

  1. What did I do yesterday?
  2. What am I doing today?
  3. What might stop me achieving what I want to do today?

Use a KanBan board if appropriate so there is clear sight of what’s to do, what’s in progress and what has been done.


Overview of some Agile techniques here:

A daily stand-up call may not work in a flexible working environment. One method which is effective in our experience as a remote working team is to have a communication channel in your chosen platform (ie Slack) which is purely for daily feedback. A #huddle channel where people post what they achieved today and what they’re planning to do the next working day helps to provide essential feedback to line managers and team members alike, whilst also ensuring focus on activities going forward.

Kanban board

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