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Paper and pencils

These are the top things we believe you’ll need to immediately consider when thinking about enabling your colleagues to work from home:

  • Do your people have laptops, power suppliers, mice and keyboards and are they taking them home EVERY night?
  • Do people know how to contact IT support?
  • Do they know who to call, and if you have it, how to get “self-service support?”
  • Do you have enough people working in IT support? You might need more than you expect and your users will be anxious and in need of more support.
  • Have you got a “Bring Your Own Device” solution? How can you eliminate paper from all of your processes?
  • Do you have a reliable VPN solution and have you scaled it correctly to meet your needs now?
  • Do people know how to use any “2 factor authentication” you have in place?
  • Do people know how to use the collaboration tools you’ve got or will get?
  • Does everyone have a way of talking to their colleagues or customers?
  • Do your people know where to securely store documents?
  • Does your organization understand Information Security & Data Privacy rules? Now is a time where people will take short-cuts and risks which will bite you later
  • Do you have plans in place for “when technology fails”?

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