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You’re stuck at home, you’re missing social interaction, you’re not sure if you’re allowed to (or it’s even sensible to) pop out to your favourite Latte spot and you’re starting to get restless! How are you going to stay productive whilst feeling trapped at home, the kids are screaming and the dog is barking. You’re literally climbing the walls!


  1. Get dressed – do not be tempted to wear your pjs to work. It will put you in the wrong mindset for work. No need to go the whole hog and wear a suit, but find a comfortable medium that makes you feel comfortable at your new working spot, but also makes you feel professional and motivated. 
  2. Be strict with yourself (and family/friends) about your working hours. 
  3. Prep lunch for yourself ahead of time if possible and eat something healthy – no more Pret sandwiches 
  4. Use video and/or speaker phone wherever possible to discuss team actions and help you feel connected to your office-base
  5. Keep some time for you – your commute may now be much shorter and the temptation to work extra hours will be huge, but you can’t support your business or your friends and families unless you’re healthy! Make time to exercise, rest and relax as much as possible.
  6. Moderate your social media time – right now there are distractions everywhere but spending time on social media and news sites whilst you’re meant to be working is going to eat into the time you’re protecting for the rest of your life. Stay as focused as you can so you’re not adding performance anxiety to the mix.

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  1. Hi Paul.

    Fabulous job formatting and indexing this all, it’s helping me see where I can contribute …

    A key thing to staying PRODUCTIVE is to be clear on your goals.

    I have ten projects I work on, that cover me personally, my family, and the people and networks I work with.

    Personal Health, Personal Planning, Family, Household, Collaborative Communities, Local Health Services, Maker Spaces, Employment Support, Africa and Environmental Support, Education.

    Work varies between those projects, with Education taking the lions share most days.

    That lot certainly gets me out of bed every morning.

    I also want to mention the excellent 5m video by Richard St John, 8 Success Characteristics, which are a constant inspiration to me, and give me 8 values to aspire to on a daily basis, namely:

    Passion, Creativity, Service, Hard Work, Determination, Focus, Excellence and Challenge.

    Immersing myself in these has also taught me a great deal about myself, very often things I need to improve or work harder at.

    I hope this helps from a networked home worker perspective …

    For employed folks, you need to get your boss to somewhere similar. Clear goals, with creative freedom and tolerance for difficult home situations.

    I was lucky once to have a good boss who gave us creative freedom to work our own way, but he also had the focus needed to always deliver on time when needed. Quite a rare beast, and the so and so emigrated to Australia, a big loss for me.

    Having personally been through something similarly traumatic with the fallout from 9/11, I do recommend not changing work until absolutely necessary, though. There will be fallout, and it’s harder to get back into employment at times like this.

    It may be that more folk now will form loose networks to work on wicked problems, my concern is that this is less easy than it seems for most folk, although a few talented people will adapt more easily.

  2. I do want to make a positive comment about social media.

    Like everything done with purpose, be that business networking or anything really, social media can be a place where folk can congregate to work collaboratively.

    It is true not everyone gets this, but here are some collected thoughts on working collaboratively on:


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